Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cycling along the Amstel River

After returning from a fun day-trip to Ghent with Ellen I spent (another!!) sunny Sunday taking a 40km bike ride along the Amstel River. I love Amsterdam and I love the fact that in about 30 minutes you can escape the busy city center and get lost in bright green fields with sheep, windmills and quaint cottages.

The fietspad was packed with a variety of bikes and bikers from serious cyclists zooming past me to oma and opa enjoying a more relaxed pace. I've now perfected the art of taking photos while cycling (slowly). We lost our way for a little while but luckily, there were direction points and maps along the bike paths here! How cool is that?

Lost or not, I'll never pass up an opportunity to pause and appreciate windmills or farms with sheep and miniature ponies.

Biking along the scenic river side, in the sunshine, was of course lovely. On the other hand, gasping for breath and pumping my legs in a fury in an effort to keep up with my Dutchie on his racing bike wasn't quite as charming.

I soon realized my cute daffodil bike is more suited for strolling the city's cobble stone streets. In the end, my bike's weight combined with blustery winds made for a pretty tough work out that day. The following day, a long yin yoga class the perfect recovery for my sore legs. Ouch!

On our return route we took a break to lay in the sun, next to a windmill (at my request) surrounded by spring blooms while enjoying a ijsje. A picturesque day indeed!

The weather lately has wooed me to love Holland even more after losing faith during the worst summer ever last year. That said, the focus of my current posts will continue to surround springtime fun as long as the sun keeps turning up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rain stays away for a long, long time.

*Yes, in making that comment I immediately realized that I too have confirmed a stereotype: the Dutch are obsessed with talking about the weather. Let's just say moments like this are part of my cultural assimilation and bound to happen eventually, ha!


  1. *good* pictures while bicycling? im going to take that as a challenge, yes!

  2. Anonymous29.3.12

    I hope we get more days like last week's, it feels like summer here too!
    Lovely pictures!