Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Say 'Hello' to Daisy

What's more perfect for spring than a tiny, pastel yellow chick? Meet Daisy, our adorable new chicken.

Tallulah doesn't seem very interested in the little one yet, but I hope they'll become best friends. 
By the way, after the terrible incident, Tallulah has become quite attached to me 
and has taken a liking to following me around everywhere, all day long. 
She loves to sit on the chair next to me and will even chirp at the back door to be let in, 
like a little kitty cat! It's the sweetest thing!

In case you missed it, Tallulah also loves the camera...

PS. Some of you asked about the breed. We have had a variety but the Ameraucana are our favorite. 
I think they're the most friendly and good egg layers too. We love our backyard chickens!


  1. Daisy and Tallulah are the cutes names for chicks! :)

  2. Anonymous31.3.13

    Daisy is noe called Ducky because she never stops "quacking". And, yes, she and Tallulah have become pals.