Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pizza Perfection

Once the 'one-month' 'til departure bell rang I felt a huge rush of motivation to get everything checked off my home time to-do list...down it's down to just a few more weeks! One thing I love about being back here is cooking fun dinners with good friends.

If you've been following my blog, then you're probably already familiar with my love of pizza and especially making pizzas at home! One of the very best things about being home was spending tons of time with one of my dearest friends, Ellie. We first bonded over our love of anthropology, pizza and pet chickens working retail in college and have spent countless nights catching up over beers after yoga (no, in fact it is not counterproductive, don't judge) and day trips to St. Augustine

Ellie is an extraordinary friend for many reasons, one being that she loves dreaming up and testing out crazy food flavors with me. YUM.  We recently spent a Friday night making the history of our homemade pizza endeavors!

Now, you know I can get serious with pizza and this had all of the magical taste components: salty+sweet (homemade balsamic reduction)
a lil' bitterness (arugula)
creamy+tangy (Gorgonzola)
garlicky (guess what that's from)
perfectly crunchy whole grain crust (with seeds!)


Seven steps to our pizza party (which we completely made in the moment)

1. let dough rise, toss it out with flour, stretch to fit an oiled cookie sheet 
(for fancy people use a pizza stone)
2. chop up required veggies, measure out cheeses, set aside
3. mix a few tablespoons of olive oil + crushed garlic + salt + herbs, stir together and smooth over the dough and bake at 450 F for 10-15 minutes
4. remove dough from over, poke out the holes, arrange all the ingredients except the arugula
5. bake at 450 F about 15-20 minutes...
6. in the mean time whip up some balsamic reduction with 1/2 c. balsamic vinegar + 3 tablespoons honey, stir constantly while boiling about 10 minutes, remove from heat and pour into a small bowl, a pinch of salt to taste
7. when the pizza is cooked to your desired crispness, remove from the oven and sprinkle a few handfuls of fresh arugula with a hearty drizzle of balsamic reduction on top

If you like the aforementioned ingredients then please make this pizza at home. Try to savor it, 'cause we couldn't, it was simply too tasty...and then it was gone. What does your favorite pizza consist of?

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