Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Manatees at Blue Springs State Park

Bone chilling colds have swept over Amsterdam, in case you missed it the canals completely froze for the first time in 15 years causing ice skating mayhem! Meanwhile, here in Florida but we are experiencing a cold snap of our own. Personally, I'm a bit disheartened by this weather because my Florida time is supposed to be spent soaking up warmth and sunshine before heading across the pond back to chilly, windy days in Holland.

Fortunately, something magical happens in Florida when the temperature drops...the manatees come out to play! During the winter season, manatees migrate from the cold river waters to warmer spring fed areas, like the famous spot at Blue Springs State Park. During the winter holiday my Dutchman and I drove up to see these chubby grey creatures in the wild.

That morning in particular, park rangers spotted 128 manatees near the spring (we spotted about 20 in the afternoon). I hadn't visited this park since my childhood and it was fun not only to enjoy a cold, sunny day but it also to show a unique side of life in Florida to my Dutchman. Despite the fact that he couldn't wrestle any 'gators or swim with the sea cows he loved it too.

Have a look at this interesting video with a NatGeo photographer discussing his experience snapping underwater pics of the 'mermaids'..


  1. I remember visiting that park as a child, too. That's when my love affair with manatees began. Such beautiful creatures! It breaks my heart to see their scars and cuts from the boat propellers. Thanks for sharing these photos.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed them! The manatees are just so fat and sweet, it's dreadful how some people have total disregard for nature and animals, heartbreaking really.