Saturday, February 4, 2012

Healthy Inspirations

You know how sometimes it's possible to get hooked on a randomly concocted flavor combination? Then you obsessed and before you know you've made the same breakfast for days on end? Well, welcome to my week. I've been loving this blueberry + banana breakfast combo, it's delicious and just enough to fill up before heading to yoga each morning. Having a fresh, healthy start helps set positive energy for my whole day!

I may have missed the 'official' start time but decided to take part in the Yoga Journal 21 Day Challenge. It's been a fun way to fill in my usual 4 day class attendance with some extra home practice and also inspired me to try out a few new studios around town. (Sorry hot yoga, we are still not friends.)

Plus, I'm extra excited because my new Manduka mat arrived in the post this week! Tell me, what's been inspiring you lately? 

banana + frozen blueberries + greek yogurt + almond milk + pumpkin pie spice...voilĂ !

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