Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good morning, Tallulah!

One day, when I was in high school, my mom came home with a box of little baby chicks 
after I half jokingly mentioned that they'd be fun for pets. 
A decade later we are still so in love our darling backyard chickens!
 In fact, I think if there is space I'd always like to have a few fat hens roaming around where ever I live.
They can be very sweet, entertaining pets. Plus you get free range eggs...for free!

We experienced a sad incident the other day. 
A few nasty raccoons attacked and murdered two of our lovely hens. 
We think the third may have somehow escaped, she was pretty scrappy and sassy and honestly, 
they're actually not stupid animals as people incorrectly believe.

It was a very traumatic for us as.
They had been our funny pets for more than 10 years. 
To me, the most irritating part was that this didn't even happen along with the circle of life, 
those jerk raccoons didn't even have chicken for dinner and just left them for dead!
A terrible sight to see.

Since the incident, Tallulah, the sole survivor will hardly leave my side. 
I think she's a bit lonely now, but all the more willing to snuggle up and let me take silly pictures of her. Now seemed like a good time to make her internet debut, isn't she adorable? 

Chickens have become quite popular lately, how long do you think that trend will last?  
Do any of you have 'odd' pets at home?


  1. aw, how sad!! Poor things. I wish we could raise chickens here!!

    1. Oh you guys totally can! First need to build a super secure coop. I think the raccoons got brave because our dog passed away, she usually watched over them. Let me know if you decide to get chicks there are some nice farming stores in town.