Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Getaway to Savannah: Part I

I spent the week between Christmas + New Years with my Dutchman for a leisurely week in Savannah. We took a scenic train route into town, which is completely normal in Holland but typically as common in The States. Spending a few (chilly) days walking all over the charming historical city was a perfect winter break. Naturally, we also enjoyed enough tasty food and drinks to become borderline gluttons!

Adding to the merriment were two of my hometown friends traveling with a similar agenda. So, the four of us opted for a few city tours via horse + carriage and later, a late night ride with ghost tour...viewed from the back of a hearse! It was a crisp winter evening and a ghost stories were a fun combination of kitsch and spooky. The creepiest part? When our guide explained that a soil sample from beneath the oldest tree in Savannah (top right image) was composed mostly of human remains, eak!


Coming soon, Savannah:Part II complete with a few of our favorite spots around the city...

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  1. I'm going next weekend and trying to decide what to do with the little free time we will have.