Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello there, 2012!

Here we are folks, it's already a few days into the start of 2012 (happy new year by the way, better late than never, right?) I always find this time of year very exciting, looking towards what's to come and reflecting on what has past. Personally, I'm not so keen on 'making resolutions' but I do like to get keep a fresh positive outlook for the new year. This year I look forward to whatever life brings along. Let's hope that includes more traveling, tasting and creating yummy foods, writing (more frequently), making new friends and experiencing happiness with friends and, sharing all of these neat things here on the blog!

After this hectic holiday season I'm happy to just take it slow and enjoy a bit more time with friends and family. I logged quite a lot of sky miles in 2011 going back and forth a few times between The Netherlands and America along with a trip to Italy and later big trip all around South Africa! Despite the tough moments we go through each year (and the exciting ones too!) I find that by the time I'm looking back it's hard to imagine things any other way, life has a way of just working itself out even if we don't see what the final plan might be. But like travel, life is itself about the journey and not necessarily the destination. The sun always rises, so here's to looking forward to the next adventure!

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