Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good Eats in St. Augustine

As mentioned before, I had the delicious pleasure of an impromptu trip to St. Augustine with a couple gals. So when my good friend Emma raved about the yummy dishes served up at The Floridian Restaurant we quickly added this eatery to our evening menu. Stopping by this spot turned out to be the perfect end to a fantastic day. To start, we ordered a round of Fried Green Tomato Bruschetta to hold us over because their menu took us a while to dissect since everything was so tempting.

Fried Green Tomatoes + Chili-Garlic Aioli

Everything, seriously, everything sounded great. And better yet they offered a range of local and seasonal ingredients along with a variety of vegetarian options. It was a win for everyone. Plus, I got to stock up on a few Orange Blossom Pilsners, mmm honey beer!

Seasonal Salad: Bib lettuce, Tempeh, Sauteed onions, Goat Cheese, Apples

Despite being quite stuffed, the three of us shared a slice of supremely sweet, crunchy pecan pie, which happened to have a layer of chocolate and coconut on the bottom. YUM!

Pecan pie, need I say more?

A great thing road trips in America (and something I really missed while in Holland) is the ability to sing at the top of our lungs, this simply can not be done on a bike in Amsterdam without being a total annoyance to everyone. That night in particular commenced with some of our favorite tunes for the ride home, with great friends come great random moments!

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