Monday, December 19, 2011

Autumn leaves in Ithaca

These pictures are from a little family reunion to correspond with my Grandmother's 94th birthday. She's 94 and still got it goin' on, autumn is her favorite season and I agree, autumn leaves are quite enchanting, especially along the rolling hills of Upstate New York. The weather was a perfect mix of crisp, cool and sunshine. One day we even had a teeny tiny little snow drift, which was just enough for me after surviving the last three winters of snow-pocalypse in Holland. Naturally, I meant to share these autumn leaves pictures with you last month to go along with this video I made, but time escaped me. Oh well, here they are better late than never!

Previously, I mentioned in this post, that while in New York we visited the Corning Museum of Glass where we made our own ornaments. Did you ever stop to think that originally, lightbulbs were completely hand blown?! That really blew my mind. Making our ornaments was a really neat experience which sort of flew by so, maybe I should look into taking a glass blowing class sometime. It seems like such a fun hobby to try!

Aren't these glass jellyfish delightful? They were on my imaginary wish list along with a gorgeous art nouveau style Louis Comfort Tiffany lamp...

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  1. The glass jellyfishes (I used to call them "medusas") are AMAZING !!! Are they purely decorative ? Or are they lamps ??? I love Tiffany too, I have a lamp in the shape of two mushies on top of a water plant (water lilly) serving as base.