Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amsterdam's Woonbooten

Houseboats are such an iconic part of Amsterdam's imagery, there are even a few along the canal we live on. Over time I've collected numerous pictures, snapped during boat rides and afternoon walks so have a look. I love that each is so unique.

It's intriguing to imaging living on a houseboat but what about the constant bobbling in waves?
I'm curious, have any of you ever stayed or lived on a houseboat? 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Roaring Twenties Picnic Party

Flapper dresses, slide trombones, pie contests and dancing the Charleston... count me in! Oh, I wish could have attended this Great Gatsby styled party!

I love the music and luxurious, old-time glamour from this era (especially the ensambles in films like The Cat's Meow) and this gathering was like  jumping back in time. Maybe I should really add throwing a 1920's picnic party to my summer agenda?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Long Weekend in Sunny Sardenia

Like many other foreigners, I too have dreamed of living in Europe and skiping around to different, near by countries just for the weekend. Well, I must admit it's just about as easy as it seems...when you've got some free time and a bit of money saved up, that is. I recently met up with a hometown friend who just happens to be spending the summer in Europe. So, off we went with our backpacks and a hearty craving for wine, gelato and pizza on our long weekend in Sardinia. That Florida sunshine sure is hard to beat...but I guess a few Italian summer days can do the trick nicely too.

We left Holland on a dreary day, boarded a short flight from Eindhoven and soon found ourselves basking the sticky humidity that reminded us of home in Florida. The next few days were spent downing amaretto gelato and soaking up the Mediterranean sun. I happily vowed to end each day with a glass of  white wine and fresh, crispy, vegetable pizza. This trip was 4 days of food dreams come true!

Tell me, friends, where would you like to spend a holiday weekend this summer? 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Les Moulins qui Chantent

How fantastic is this print? I'd love to find a copy of 'The Singing Windmills' for our apartment. This advert is from the aptly titled operetta which premiered in the early 20th century. I'd like to jump right into the print and back in time to be magically transformed into a little Dutch girl with mary-jane clogs and matching outfit. Does anyone know more about the story of the opera?