Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rock'n'roll is here to stay

Everyone enjoys a little surprise now and then... especially when music and booze are involved. I can now say in all honesty that my life in Amsterdam involves Sunday afternoons enjoying beers with friends at the Brouwerij 't Ij complete with an impromptu performance 
of 'Johnny be good' with a Dutch accent, of course.

Yes, that's correct. It's a car rigged with amps! This group pulled up to the beer garden to perform mid afternoon jams! Excellent! I love Amsterdam because random, delighful things are always popping up.

Spending time with friends is great. Add a few beers and sunshine to the mix and you've got an ever better situation. But most importantly, I'll never forget the guy who paused mid run (in 1970s short shorts) to show off some hilarious & enthusiastic dance moves. 

Anonymous-dancing-runner-guy then continued on his way as if supremely awkward leg wiggling and arm flailing hadn't just occurred. A roar of applause from the audience was aim especially at him!  I salute anyone with enough confidence to run around Amsterdam in disco booty shorts...especially those who can dance like a mad man while doing so. I was laughing too hard to snap a photo of this occurrence, but I promise it really happened.

This my friends, was a perfect Sunday Funday.

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