Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Week of Mexican Inspired Dishes

Upon discovering canned chipotle peppers at an imported food store here in Amsterdam, some friends and I decided to create and devour Mexican style dishes all week. We started out with a lovely taco feast. Complete with two types homemade salsa, vegetarian refried beans, corn tortillas, cilantro rice, and spicy grilled veggies with lime juice. This deliciousness resulted in a week long repetition of food comas for all of us. Living in Amsterdam unfortunately inhibits adventures in Mexican dishes because there aren't many products imported over here. I'm really interested in learning more about authentic Mexican cooking. I grew up on bean burritos and home made toasted chili peppers but there's so much more I want to explore. Anyone have some tips? I did however learn that soaking an onion in water before slicing will reduce the tearing effect. Click here for article.

There was more than enough food to last for a few meals so, the leftovers became a variety of taco salads. Toward the end of the week we still hadn't fulfilled out cravings and thus, the idea of a Mexican themed veggie meatloaf arose. I've never made a vegetarian loaf before but, this one turned out fantastic! Stay tuned for the recipe.

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