Friday, June 4, 2010

Boat Party through Amsterdam's famous canals

Spring is over and summer will bring even more wild adventures 
but it also means that my time here is quickly coming to an end! Now that it's June, I've officially passed my half way point for my year in Amsterdam. 
Although, I'm trying to land a new gig to extend my time here, I really have no idea what November will bring. It's both exciting and a little daunting, especially after what a whirlwind the last seven months have been. 

Reflecting on how much I love my life here might get a bit sappy, so, I'm going to keep it upbeat by sharing with you one of my most favorite days in Amsterdam.
I've met some great people and made wonderful friendships during my time in Amsterdam so far. In April we celebrated multiple birthdays by renting out a boat, packing it with snacks, wine and cupcakes and setting out for an afternoon floating through Amsterdam's canals. 
What an amazing day! 
I can't fully articulate with words the magical, happy energy that radiated from our boat party. So, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Thanks to my friends who let me use their pictures since I was too scared of losing me camera in the canals.

For those of you who are visiting and want to see the city by boat, rent a private one!
I wouldn't recommend one of those boat tours for seeing the city, because they just shuttle you around in this secluded glass bubble.
I've never actually been one tourist boats, but whenever I see the tourists crammed inside, watching life along the shore happen without really interacting with everyone else, it makes me sad.

I think the best way for a tourist to discover Amsterdam is by foot (and maybe a few tram rides).
Or, if you're brave, try renting a bike...but please, please, please, follow the bike rules so I don't have to ring my bell and swerve from hitting you!
 I do, however, fully endorse hiring someone to let you party in their boat, while you and friends enjoy a relaxing day in the sun floating past some of Amsterdam's most adorable areas.
Don't forget to pack wine and cupcakes!

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