Saturday, May 1, 2010

Windmill Adventures in Zaanse Schans

Just a 15 minute train ride from the center of Amsterdam sits a little village called Zaanse Schans. It's quaint and cute and I don't care if it's a tourist trap because everything here was so adorable that I couldn't stop going, "Awww!"

This is one of those places you can go to see great touristic Dutch commodities like windmills, ladies in lace, cheese and... did I mention windmills? 

At one point, there used to be over 1,000 windmills there but now just a few are left. There's also a chocolate museum and factory, which we discovered when to our surprise, a field of daffodils suddenly had an overwhelming fragrance of chocolate! Yum. We visited on a perfectly sunny, spring day and for the cost of a 3 euro train ride what's more to like? 

A charming little Dutch village...

The Japanese tourists were all over this lil' guy, feeding him jelly beans (not safe, I'm sure) and even trying to climb the fence for a picture!

I really liked the aesthetic of the lights on this bridge...

There's even an Albert Heijn museum...but unfortunately, it was closed. 
This house is also the design on delicious and cheap 59-cent chocolate biscuits that I love, they're called Zaanse Huisjes!

And of course, we needed to take some cheesy tourist pictures...

Have you visited Holland and taken a wooden clog photo yet?

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