Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Sunny Bike Ride to Durgerdam

I recently found out about Durgerdam, a cute village of just 430 people located just under 10 kilometers east of Amsterdam's city center.
Last weekend with the company of friends, we set off to enjoy a lovely, sunny weather and explore Durgerdam by bike. 
It was such a lovely day, probably the best it's been all year! Summer keeps trying to creep back into Amsterdam, if it were't for these unruly clouds...
Weather aside, biking to Durgerdam was honestly one of the most fun things I've done here! Come to think of it, showing friends around the city, picnics and a bike trip are three necessary components to make a great weekend.


Naturally, I needed to get her hooked on stroopwaffels so, we picked a few up at the market as well as some other yummy treats for a picnic. There's never a sunny day that I can't resist a picnic! On our way, we also passed the Brouwerij 't Ij. Their free beer tours were a recommendation from Adam and Amy. I also spotted a swimming pool on the eastern side of the city, which has now been added to my always growing 'to-do' list.

Here's some more pictures from our bike ride to Durgerdam...

Amy and I catching a view from one of the bridges

At the end of the path...time for a picnic!

Keep in mind before setting off to Durgerdam that you will need to conquer two bridges, both of which have a hefty incline. The rest of the ride outside of the city extends on bike paths through the lush Dutch countryside. Just think of it as a workout counteracting all the picnic snacks! And don't forget to use the bridge's high points as a photo opportunity (or moment to catch your breath). There are some wonderful views of the water and surrounding city in the distance.

Sheep enjoying a pretty day in the Dutch country side.

My expat friends, Adam and Amy, came along for the ride. They're good to bring a long for bike adventures and beer knowledge, plus, their Minnesota accents are fun to impersonate. I was designated the tour guide for the weekend as I showed my new Canadian friend, Ange, around the city. She joined us for the bike trip and on our way I introduced her to 
The Dappermarkt and Oosterpark since they're conveniently on the route to Durgerdam. 

Amy and Adam also enjoying a beer on the pier...

View of Durgerdam from the (very small) pier. What a day!

Little houses in the village

Can you spot the high arch in the background? 
That's the bridge we cycled over! 

Sunshine, great friends, yummy snacks and bike adventures. Saturdays don't get much better that!

This post also corresponds with the Let's Go Ride A Bike Summer Games where everyone can kick summer biking adventures into top gear. Click here to learn more about this fun bike event!

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  1. Hey, I just found your blog (well - you followed mine! thank you!) and it's so great to meet you, you sound like my kind of person! Plus Amsterdam is reallllly high on my list of places to visit for a weekend break :)