Friday, May 14, 2010

A Colorful Visit to Keukenhof Gardens

Clogs, cheese, windmills and what's that last one? Oh yeah, TULIPS!!!! I ventured out to Keukenhof Gardens to check out the overwhelming abundance of flowers. This area is a prime location for the postcard pictures of Holland with rows, and rows of tulips. Seriously, if you don't like flowers then stop reading now. Not only were there tons of flowers, there was such a variety. Here's what I mean by an overwhelming abundance of flowers, I started out with over 200 images and narrowed them down to a decent amount for this post. Oh, and how do you like the new and improved layout? It took forever to figure out, but now I've got larger photographs, yay!

Hi from the gardens!

First on the list...Daffodils!

Next up, seas of flowers...

Old people and flowers go together so nicely. I'm pretty sure Libby, Nicole and I were just a handful of people who weren't a combination of old, Japanese or German tourists.

Various shots from around the gardens. We wandered for about three hours! Aside from the aesthetics of the flowers, the air has the loveliest aroma!

The theme was 'From Russia with Love'.

Can you believe all these colors are real!? I'm not tech savvy enough to have photoshop.


  1. I enjoy exploring similar gardens too, especially community ones. Stunning photographs with evocative colours. thank you for sharing.

  2. I'm new here and was allured by your super cute profile pic :) As I scrolled down I noticed the lovely garden(s) shots and I just had to thank you for sharing them. They have totally made my day. Thanks :)