Monday, May 3, 2010

Celebrating Queen's Day with Style

I feel like this post should first start out with the most commonly related phrase of the day, "WHOOOOOOO! Koninginnedag!!!!"
(insert ear piercing horn blowing here)

Queen's Day is one of (if not the) biggest holidays here in the Netherlands.
It's the current Queen's (grandmothers) (birth)Day. Get it? 
Well, if you wanna read all the history of Dutch royalty birthdays click here

But, really there are four important factors for this holiday: rummage sales (everyone knows the Dutch love feeling like they're getting a good deal), anything and everything orange, loud techno music and of course, booze. Also included in the mix are any combination of the previously mentioned items on a canal boat or involving street food. Unfortunately, in Europe the weird music is never ending but does add a unique and at times mind splitting touch to the scene.

Naturally, I felt compelled to take this Queens Day one step by incorporating bathrobe parade through the city. And I use the term parade loosely, as we tried to squish our way down Prinsengracht through masses and masses of wasted our people wearing orange and blowing horns at us. But, I'm sure some where along the way there was a bit of synchronized dancing and/or marching!

Like all legit holidays, you celebrate the night leading up to the big day.

And then, you sober up and start to party in style with a bathrobe parade extravaganza. 
Libby was brave enough to carry her camera around. 
Personally, I didn't want my Cannon soaked in beer.

And what exactly does a Queen's Day bathrobe parade party entail? 
I'll let the pictures do the talking...


All in all this year's Queen's Day was quite a success!
And my bike didn't even get vandalized!

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