Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eating My Way Through Madrid

The weather in Madrid was gorgeous, but the eating experience wasn't exactly what I'd imagined. I know, I know, it's tapas galore...but lacking in variety for vegetarians. One can only handle so many plates of patatas bravas and olives.

I found it really charming to see locals standing at the bar of the cafe, sipping an espresso or dunking a churro in their hot chocolate. I can't say my churro experience resulted in the best thing I've ever tasted. It was exactly what you'd expect from plain, deep fried dough. A few bites was just enough. Unfortunately, it wasn't the sweet, cinnamon churro I was expecting, but, 'when in Rome...'

In Madrid, I developed a taste for cappuccino, a nice switch from my standard black tea with honey. The coffee was great and thus an addiction was born. Plus, after five months of winter in Amsterdam, it was just so nice to have a drink outside in the SUN!

Next up... tapas with sangria, of course! And check out the vegetarian delicacies previously mentioned: olives and potatoes were some of the only vegetarian things on the menu. But, this meal was still quite yummy.
Viva La Vida was conveniently located really close to the flat where we stayed. Lucky me! Their vegetable paella was delish. And their sweets? Yum! I walked in with my mouth watering when I spotted the plentiful vegetarian buffet and I left stuffed with organic, vegetarian goodness. Both locations a wide range of savory and sweet veggie treats and the spot on Calle Huertos has small organic market inside. INFO: Vivia La Vida @ Calle Huertas 57. Tel. 91367254 and @ Costanilla de San Andres 16. PLasa de la Paja. Tel. 913663349.

During one of our walks around the city I spotted a group of children staring intently at the window of a shop. A few steps closer and I discovered the object of their affection, crazy amounts of candy. It's a pretty impressive display but somehow I managed to stay out of this shop.

For my birthday dinner I ordered the basil lasagna from El Septiemo, which had a lot of great vegetarian options. This intimate restaurant is decorated with antiques that exuded a the feeling of dining at a friend's country cottage. I made the mistake of thinking that dinner reservations for 9pm was sufficient for adapting to Madrid's nocturnal eating schedule but we were some of the only people there until about half way through the main course. INFO: El Septiemo, Calle de Diego de Leon 7, Madrid. Tel: 915622940

The meal concluded with a glass of champagne and mango tart with passionfruit sorbet. "Happy Birthday to, me!"

Want to know more? Just click the blue link below this map to view information on some of my favorite spots in Madrid.

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