Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paris Lomo Love

Wow, I've been living in Europe for five months now and still haven't made it back to Paris. To be fair, I've visited plenty and want to spend my limited free time seeing new spots. However, when initially moving over here, I envisioned taking the train to Paris all the time given it's close proximity to Amsterdam. This is probably a very American seeming ideal, ha!

 I do have two exciting trips coming up, Brussels next weekend and then a birthday trip to Madrid. Naturally, I've already started making extensive maps and lists of what I want to see and of course what I want to EAT! Yum.

Paris, I think fondly of the a lovely summer we spent together a few years ago and my cute spot with an adorable balcony that looked out onto a market square.  Paris, I'll see you one day again and run around exploring your sites, sounds and flavors (cheese, wine, cheese, wine, chocolate!). 

In the mean time, here's some of my favorite pictures from my summer in Paris a few years ago. 
I used the HOLGA + 120mm film.

And for these, I used the SUPERSAMPLER camera + 35mm film.


  1. OooOoOOoOOoooh!!! Prettay prettay prettay good!!!

  2. Great pictures! I haven't been to Paris since I lived in England and that was in 2006. I wish I could go back!