Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Margaritas + Cactus Tacos at Los Pilones

My California friend and fellow au pair, Libby, recently paid a visit to Amsterdam for her birthday weekend. The two of us together usually involves food, drinks, adventures and a fair amount of Arrested Development. Since it was her birthday this time around, we needed to increase our normal festivities, so we opted for a mutual favorite: Mexican food! 

Back home, I grew up on homemade Mexican food and can hardly remember a week that didn't include a few tacos. Over here, my Dutch host family was shocked at my guacamole making skills, a nice compliment until I noticed the disgusting stuff available at the grocery store...made with mayonaise!? Yuck.

Needless to say, both Libby and I were long overdue for crispy corn tortillas and an overload of chipotle. I'd been wainting to check out Los Pilones after hearing about authenticity of their dishes so, off we went. The spot is run by Mexican expats and the food did not disappoint! Plus, anyplace with a mural of Frida gets a high approval rating in my book. More on my Frida obsession later, let's focus on the food...

For once, I didn't even need to bust out my tiny travel baggie of red pepper flakes! Los Pilones has further fueled my daily cravings for Mexican food, funny to think the meals I grew up on are considered so exotic (i.e. pricey) over here.
The beginning of our food fiesta...

Mmm... Avacado + Cactus tacos.

Happy Birthday Libbz!

Art history 101: Just to confirm for those of you who may be confused (aka Libby)... In real life Rembrant, Diego, Frida and Van Gogh did not hang out at Chichen Itza and booze it up together.

When you visit, go early because it gets packed on a Saturday night. May I also suggest not polishing off a celebratory birthday bottle of wine before downing a pitcher of birthday margaritas.... Unless you want to end up in a random, wild and crazy dance party like we did. One of us (the birthday girl) may have climbed into a random bakfiets by the end of the night. I guess that's a particularly special 'Only in Amsterdam' moment.
Los Pilones
Kerkstraat 63
(reservations recommended)

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  1. I did NOT think that VanGogh, Frida, Rembrant, and Diego hung out in real life. I just didn't understand why they were all in Mexico. And why Frida wasn't drinking.
    And then I solved that problem by drinking enough for both of us.