Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let the Spring Picnic Parties Begin!

The sun was out today so, I feel that it's safe to say 'buhbye' to winter! Yaaay for spring! Today, I enjoyed a crisp, sunny bike ride through Vondelpark and then a mini picnic with Kelsey. We just happened to purchase picnic treats at possibly the only place in Amsterdam that doesn't take cash!!?? (Wtf!?) A very confused Kelsey and I decided that suikerbrood, gourmet crisps & fresh apple juice were all necessity, so I busted out the amex at the posh eco-market. That's a testament to how excited we were for out sunshine picnic party. That's also a testament to how yummy the suikerbrood was, which we tasted in the store and finally gave up on trying to avoid its delicious call to eat some more!

To our dismay, the sun ran away a few hours later but hopefully, it will shine more soon! Did I mention I started a rainbow bike gang? Although! I'm not totally sure on the protocol of creating or maintaining a bike gang but mine is definitely going to involve whistling a lot of silly tunes while ringing bells and having picnic parties!

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  1. So Excited! We were talking about this today too! Picnic parties on the BEACH!!!

  2. How strange about the cash situation. Glad you had fun though!