Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Afternoon in Haarlem

After blowing all our money on previous night's margarita and dance festivities, Libby and I ventured over to Haarlem. I use the term 'ventured' lightly, due to the condensed space of the Netherlands, nothing is really that far away. Somehow Libby scored some free train tickets so we we're able to spend the money saved more wisely...on tacos and margaritas, of course! Haarlem was nice. It was just very Dutch and pretty quiet on a grey Sunday afternoon. We roamed around looking for historical/touristic things to see on our (free) walking tour. Then we visited the Frans Hals Museum (free with our museum cards!) which gave a lot of insight about life in the city during the Dutch Golden Age. So, it was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. And yes, eventually we spend some money on fries with curry ketchup.

Hmm, these buildings look very... Dutch!

The Grotekerk in Haarlem + Dutch Guy who supposedly invented the printing press before Gutenberg.

Just imagine how nice this will look in a few more weeks when spring has fully sprung!

Rainbow Bike Gang!

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