Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eating + drinking my way through Brussels

Now that I've released all my dislike for Brussels, I can move on to the more enjoyable topic of sweet treats and beer. You might want to grab a snack before reading this post, otherwise the sweets might be too much to handle.
 Johanna and I are friends from college, she's a fellow expat who hails from Germany but has lived in a handful of international cities, currently Brussels. 

Together, we enjoyed a much needed relaxing morning before venturing out for a few tastes of the city. In exchange, I introduced Johanna to a delicious Friesian treat, suikerbrood. Yes, there was an extreme carb overload this weekend. And no, Belgian fries aren't better than Dutch ones!

Macaroons from Wittamer, who apparently supplies the chocolates to the Royal Court in Belgium. The chocolate didn't impress but the macaroons...yum! Mango, lavender, mocha, chocolate-lemon, raspberry.... We paired these little treasures with our first tea party of the day.

After tea party #1, we ventured on through some cute cobblestone streets and then stumbled upon another cute tea shop. I clearly don't need an excuse to have a tea party and when Johanna saw the marshmallows she got pretty excited... So, it was time for tea party #2.

After reading this article about quiche, I decided that L'Arcadi was a spot I needed to check out.
The inside reminded me of a Parisian cafe 
so, I suppose there are some nice French aspects or Brussels...

The quiche was perfect! Mine had Roquoccoli, paired with a kriek beer of course!

Moving on to waffles... 
I had mine with strawberries, bananas and chocolate. 
Gluttenious? Definitely. 
The waffle itself is so sweet that the chocolate kind of makes it too intense. 
But, when in Rome Brussels...

Saving the best for last...CANDY BEER! 

This is the only beer I've deemed tolerable for consumption. 
We tried cherry, coconut, mango and banana...
And soon after, I wasn't sure what was affecting me more, 
the alcohol or the sugar.
 It was delicious and quite a treat for a non-beer drinking like myself. 
Living in Europe makes beer more appealing but I'm not quite sold...yet.
Since Belgium is epicenter of fruity beers we checked out the Delirium Cafe
It's super touristy but a fun atmosphere. 
Plus, they serve coconut beer in coconut shells. Win!

I brought home these cute cups for the next time
 I want to enjoy a delicious fruity beer at home. 
But, that might not be for a while because after our gorging weekend,
 the thought of anything beer-waffle-chocolate orientated is completely unappetizing at the moment.

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