Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Celebrating Pi(e) Day in Amsterdam

Sunday was Pi(e) Day! As in, March 14 = 3/14 = 3.14159 = Pi π... Get it? How do you celebrate this mathematical coincidence? Only one way... EATING PIE! In order to get ready for Pi(e) day we first ate up a few (ok, five) varieties of pie, tarts and cakes at a friend’s house. They were left over from a party so we really had no choice but to help clean up by consuming some treats. Naturally, since we're in Holland there was appletaart, ginger meringue, lemon meringue, chocolate brownie and my favorite, strawberry tart! Yum.

Then on Sunday (March 14) after celebrating Libby's birthday with margaritas and a quick trip to Haarlem, Libby, Natalie and I chowed down on some pie. Pi(e) day is great because even if you aren't keen on math can still celebrate with pie!

Greenwoods Cafe + Tea Room Single 103 1012 VG Amsterdam +3120637071

Chocolate cake for Natalie...

Lemon Meringue for me!

This is Pumpkin Ravioli from isn't pie but we ate this too and can thus confirm a more balanced diet. Foodism is a cosy place where you can get a great chai latte and pumpkin ravioli...which was like eating little clouds of pumpkin-parmasean with a zing of balsamic citrus.

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