Sunday, February 21, 2010

Amsterdam's Houseboat Museum

Four months of winter in Amsterdam and yup, know I get why the Dutch are always complaining about the weather!

Finally, a little bit of sun pops out, so you hop on your bike to enjoy it but that fleeting moment is destroyed by grey clouds and sleet. In this situation it’s helpful to have a water resistant (yet fashionable) type of outer layer. But, if that’s not possible and you happen to be near the Jordaan when the rain randomly hits, you can just pop into the Houseboat Museum! The Hendrika-Marie was built in 1914 and currently lives in the Princessgracht.

Despite the bad weather, The Houseboat Museum is a neat little place to check out, emphasis on the small. Until now, I've never been inside any of the house boats that line Amsterdam's canals because people who live in them don’t exactly invite strangers to knock on the door and offer 3 euros for a peak inside.

Physically, inside the houseboat was a tight squeeze and at 5' 11", cramped quarters tend to freak me out. As unique and charming as they are, I doubt houseboat living is in my future. However, summer is coming and that rooftop would make a nice terrace... with plenty of space to for a BBQ. At the end of the day, a visit to The Houseboat Museum left me with one thought... I definitely plan to ride on as many boats as possible this summer!

Did you know that houseboats are actually made by teeny tiny people? It’s true.

My dream houseboat will definitely have a reading nook with a globe.

Tiny boat kitchen

Boat within a boat

Trying to climb in all the tiny spaces... You see, houseboats aren't made for giant people.

You've waited long enough to hear T-pain, it's probably the best boat anthem in existence. Enjoy!

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  1. But they are great for tiny people. I think I know where I will be living from now on.