Saturday, February 20, 2010

Celebrating Carnival in Maasctricht

Last weekend, I headed south to Maastricht to celebrate Carnival! It was the very first time so, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Of course, when I think of Carnival, I imagine downing a colorful feathered bikini in someplace far warmer than The Netherlands.  But this year I'm on the cold side of the globe and fortunately, I teamed up with some seasoned veterans of Dutch and German descent. They're experts in pursuing all the fun things to before repenting for Lent. 

Dutch carnival takes place in the south, so our celebration began with a train ride full of wild and intoxicated people.  Think American Halloween costumes + extraordinary amounts of alcohol + loud oompapa songs in the street on a freezing cold, snowy night. Oh, and also add to that equation me waving around a tambourine the entire night to make up for lack of knowing any of the weird Dutch songs. This night met my expectations although surprisingly, we kept things pretty tame and I met my goal for the night by not ending up covered in beer. Nice!

Isa and I make our costumes in the train filled to capacity with funny costumes. There's nothing a little Ductape can't create! So, can you guess what we are?

Thats right, we're lamps... with real lights inside! Pretty good for an impromptu Carnival trip on a tight budget (too bad we forgot to turn off the lights)

Keeping up with the whimsy of carnival I sported a new hair style too. 

A single shot of the drunken, singing masses in Maastricht. My camera bag was almost immediately sucked in the crowed and lost forever so the camera didn't stay out for long.

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