Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Final Stop in Den Haag... least for a little while. I enjoyed a Friday afternoon with none other than my fabulous, jet-set mother as we rode bikes around town and remised about all the summers (and winters and autumns and springs) we've spent together in Den Haag. Scheduling changes are making her visits less frequent, which means (gasp!) a severe cut in my free international importing of American goods to Amsterdam and loss of monthly hugs from my mom. So, no more coco butter and Arm&Hammer toothpaste for me. (Seriously, the toothpaste here is bleeeeah gross). Thanks for bringing so many treats and hugs, mom! It's going to be really weird not meeting up with you in places around the world.

So sad that it will be our last time together for a while, but at least we finally took a photo in front of the Peace Palace!

Here's the obligatory wrought iron photo...

Later we ate at Baklust which was a really yummy vegetarian tea/cake shop but I was so excited to be chatting with my mom that photos were completely ignored. Whoops! But, we shared a hummus veggie sandwich, mushroom quiche and carrot cake, everything was very tasty indeed.

And to follow up on the bittersweet loss of my mom's regular visits heres a few of my favorite photos from one of our Den Haag to Scheveningen bike ride adventures from a few summers ago...

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