Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snacking on Roasted Corn at Amsterdam's Dappermarkt

Amsterdam, like many European cities, is filled with markets. You can purchase everything from flowers, cheese and nuts to bike chains, spray paint and gas masks. (Seriously. I still don't fully understand this one). On Saturday, I ventured over to check out the Dappermarkt, located near the Ooster Park and Tropen Museum on the eastern side of the city. I read about this market in National Geographic, who listed it as one of the Top 10 shopping streets along with the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Read the article here.

It's known for being a 'world market' and caters to African, Asian, Surainamese and Eastern European goods. Somehow, we were able to deter from indulging in stroopwafels and instead sampled some olives and roasted corn. I was suddenly struck with deja-vu and remembered the last time I snacked on this was at the Clignancourt market in Paris. It's one of my mom's favorite places to visit and upon exiting the metro you're bombarded with merchants selling roasted corn out of grocery carts! It may sound odd, but it's so good.

While munching on some salty, roasted corn, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a vender with sweet popcorn. The sweet, salty aroma made me homesick for my regular farmers market in Winter Park, Florida where a giant, sweet & salty bag of kettle corn was a weekly purchase. Oh kettle corn, how I've missed you! I quickly figured out that most of the items considered exotic or ethnic were meat related. Aside from that, this market was quite similar to most markets I've been to. The prices are great, with lots of prices starting at just 1 euro, even for the fresh stroopwafels. I'm definitely going to head back for some dried fruit and roasted nuts. Obviously, the Islamic butcher and other meat stands weren't really enjoyable spots for a vegetarian to linger, but, heres some other pretty pictures from the market.

Kaas, Broodjes & Aardappelen...Doesn't really get more Dutch that that.

Gepofte Kastanjes & Mais.


Bloemen...These pretty flowers remind me that I can't wait for tulip season to start!

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  1. Oh my! I would love that market! I am a huge fan of cheese so that first picture is heaven! Thanks for stopping over at my blog!