Friday, January 15, 2010

Amsterdam's Canals Froze!

I've waited so long for the day when the canals freeze over allowing a massive ice skating party though the city. But everyone always said, "Oh, that hardly ever happens because it has to be really, really cold!" Well, it seems that my complaints about the cold were't completely in vain.

Today, while biking along with Kelsey on our way to a movie (after stuffing our faces full of cake or pie or something else particularly sweet) I casually looked to my left and saw people playing hockey on the ice! Whaaaat?!

Naturally, as two Florida girls we needed to stop and capture this moment. Sure, ,y hands almost froze off but its worth it because this is the only occurrence that I've stumbeled upon so far this winter. Apparently, it's a record breaking winter but how am I supposed to know that? Anything under 40 degrees is record breaking for Florida!

For a moment I debated hopping down and sliding across the ice but the terrifying possibility of drowning in frozen death came to mind so, I hopped back on my bike to leave it all behind. Conclusion: Amsterdam's canals are still lovely when frozen but I'm happy enough to view them from a cosy interior with a warm cup of whiskey tea.

We saw New York, I Love You at the adorable theater De Uitkijk. With a bag of peanut M&Ms it felt quite fitting for two American girls abroad to discuss the joys and perils of being away from home.

Dutch of the Day: Frozen canal = Bevroren gracht

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  1. Lily! I'm finally getting around to reading some of your entries! Your post about the canals reminded me of a feature they had during the Olympics coverage about the "Eleven-City Tour" they have in the Netherlands. Made me think of you :) Glad you're having a good time in the freezing cold!

    P.S.- This is Heidi in case my name doesn't show up in the post :)