Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vondelpark Covered in Snow

After what felt like a promising break, the snow is back! Yikes! Today was beautiful. Magically sunny even though it's a -6°c but feels like -11°c kind of day. These crazy numbers seem like complete nonsense to a Florida girl like me. Some days this winter I ask myself, 'Moving to Amsterdam in winter?? What were you thinking!?' But here I am, time to make the most of this winter season (and wish for summer to get here quickly!)

Over the weekend, I enjoyed a lazy Sunday tea party at the Blauwe Theehuis and winter walk though Amsterdam's famous Vondelpark. Cold and quiet in winter, but I'm really anticipating when spring and summer wash over the park with every shade of green!

Fun fact: The English garden style park was created by local philanthropists and officially opened in 1865.

The park's namesake is Dutch poet and playwright Joost van den Vondel.

In the summer, the park really comes alive with picnics, sports, outdoor concerts and of course lots of tourists too. I can't wait! 

We had a little tea party inside the 't Blauew Theehuis. The view outside included snowball fights in the park and other winter wanderers. 

Dutch of the Day: Poem = Gedicht


  1. I love all these pictures!!!

  2. beautiful pix. i am so glad that you got them. it was like this when i left sunday morning and i wish that i could have taken a photo. you are so talented. thanks!

  3. actually i wrote that! still signed in as granny. oops! keep up the lovely photos and enjoy it all.