Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reunited with My Love... Sriracha hot sauce!

I had a great walk around the China town area and unfortunately, forgot my camera which was a total fail. Obviously, that calls for a re-do tour complete with photographic evidence but, despite the lack of documentation I happen to visit an asian grocery store and what did I purchase there? SRIRACHA!!!! Yummmmm! I think I can survive much better in Holland knowing that my hot sauce stash won't be forsaken.

I've been missing super spicy flavors since I moved here but that has come to an end. We celebrated my find by making spicy burritos for dinner (another delicacy I've been missing). We did our best with what we could find. Lesson learned, I won't ever abroad again without first stocking up on Mexican spices and hot sauce.  We added quorn fake chicken things, chimichurri, refried beans, red peppers, garlic, onions, freshly made guac, sriracha and cheddar! Not bad considering that my Dutch host family didn't even know what guacamole is...

Fooooood coma.

And then I had some more for breakfast. What can I say? I'm addicted.

I've heard that making guacamole from scratch is an oddity here, so I'm gonna share the way I make it which has been a great success so far.

2 ripe avocados+ 1 chopped onion + at least 5 cloves minced garlic + juice from 1 lime + salt/pepper + 1 diced tomato + 1 minced chili pepper (or 2 if you're really brave)....mash up all that stuff together in a bowl and eat it up!!!

Dutch of the Day: Red pepper= Paprika

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  1. You forgot the most important step...forget the cutting board downstairs and make it on the floor.
    I'm jealous of you spicy food, you burritos, and your trip to Chinatown!