Monday, January 11, 2010

A Positive Light on Frozen Nights

Somehow, I've survived about three months of freezing cold weather. The snow was lovely but now, it's turned to slush and losing some of it's charm. Some days are harder than others (today felt 'warm' at 22°F! ahhhh). Turns out, no matter how cold it is the best winter survival tactic (aside from loads of hot chocolate) is to find the beauty in winter! So, every time I am irritated and miserable at this awful Dutch winter, I'm going to find something positive. For example, the crisp, quiet winter nights.

I especially love walking at night, the city is quiet and I can hear the snow crunching under my feet. Things become a bit dangerous when the snow gains a thin layer of ice, becoming a slippery hazard. Believe me, I've had my share of near death experiences wobbling along an icy sidewalk, completely losing balance and grabbing on to the closest thing I can...which is typically a bicycle or person smaller than me. That being said, I owe my tiny friends Libby and Kelsey apologies for consistently losing my balance on the ice and trying to bring them down with me!

Maybe these are common observations for an expert on winter experiences, but I've been a sunshine loving Florida girl for long enough to completely forgot what it's like to live through a long series of really (really!) cold days. So, to keep my optimistic outlook this winter, I've decided to collect photos of winter nights. 

Taking a walk at dusk



My window view

Dutch of the Day: Winter nights = Winternachten

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  1. Love the Pictures
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    Love the whole re-do
    Congrats on a fabulous looking blog!!!