Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lomography + Wekiva Springs

I've been a big fan of the Lomography community since I first nabbed a few of their cameras in college. The Holga is a 120mm camera that I love to use but unfortunately, it isn't the easiest film to find or get developed so, my Holga photos are few and far between.

I brought along my Holga during a recent visit to Wekiva Springs, a lovely state park near my hometown in Florida. It's a long time favorite spot for relaxing in nature, having a picnic and swimming or canoeing in the spring. These photos make me ache for sunshine so, I figured it's time to share.

When the weather warms up here in Holland I can't wait to explore some of the natural spots and picnic on the beach... although I doubt it will be as lush as back home.

*Photos taken with a HOLGA + multiple exposures on medium format film

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  1. Love these photos Lil. It makes me want to go to the springs!