Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

New Year's Eve in Amsterdam was quite an experience. Typically my new year celebrations aren't that wild, but since this is my time living in Amsterdam I got a few friends together decided to dance it up on new years eve. I can't fully articulate this adventure, some details are a bit blurry but that weekend involved lots of stir fry, bike rides, ciders, champagne and fire works!

Wow, the fire works here are something else. People start exploding stuff a few days before and after new years, so there would be an occasional loud BOOM though out the day. Very different from Florida where practically no type of fireworks are legally allowed. In Amsterdam everyone (really, everyone!) is lighting stuff on fire in the streets. I couldn't even tell if there was an 'official' fire works display because the light show was a 360 degree view set off by random party people in the streets. The scene was pretty intense, loud bright pops going off in every direction and extremely drunk people wrecking havoc. Now I can check 'super crazy, loud, drunk dance party new years in a great city' off my list! And despite the noise, trash, crazy drunks and freezing cold I fall in love with this city more and more every day!

And I tried to make a video which was quite difficult after an unknown amount of ciders/champagne + standing in heals on ice...but you get the point.

new years 2010 amsterdam from lilymargaret on Vimeo.

Dutch of the Day: Fireworks = Vuurwerk

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