Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Frozen Floridians enjoy tarts + tea

Over the last two months, I have developed a love/hate relationship with winter time. More specifically, I love the idea of fresh snow and cosy winter scenery but in reality, I just hate winter.
Today was just one of those days, so warm and cosy inside and despite how lovely it looks out the window you know that, outside is nothing but terrible, bitter, cold. I debated tram versus bike and  tried to think positively, that perhaps the snow wouldn't last for too long and maybe it won't snow too much. 
My stubborn idealistic mind focused on the fact that Dutchies bike everywhere, even in the snow. So, I decided just give it a try... after all, my brand new bike is sunshiny yellow and adorable. Plus, it was only about a five-minute ride... Turns out, I was wrong. This is why people from Florida shouldn't live in cold places. Lesson learned.

I mustered up the courage to bundle up and hop on two wheels and I was almost immediately covered in snow! The snow was so bad that my eyelashes, my nose and every limb was covered in a blanket of powdery, white snow. I could hardly see, but it was too late to turn back. Kelsey (and warmth! and pie!) were waiting so, I focused on the bike in front of me while my eyes watered from the freezing winds and ultimately nearly froze shut thanks to snowflake infiltration.

Finally, I made it (without crashing!) and found Kelsey, a new friend and fellow Floridian in Amsterdam, who was of course, also overwhelmed and ice cold. Together, we embarked on a new task of walking in the snow, which by now had an icy layer on top creating a very slippery method of transportation. This is not normal to Florida people, okay?? We origionally planned to walk around the Albert Cuyp Market but we only made it a few blocks before deciding that to defrosting over a cup of hot cocoa and some cake at De Taart Van M'n Tante was a far better idea.

We warmed up inside the kitschy, cute, cake parlor and gorged on sweets while trying not to lament about the fact that most of our friends back home were probably already dusting off their pool chairs. 

Kelsey enjoying hot cocoa and warmth inside the bakery.

Feeling southern and reminiscing about things we missed in Florida so started our sugar high with a slice of pecan pie!

...and followed that up with a slice carrot cake!

Here's an extra slice from my first visit a few weeks ago.
It was a whole wheat cake with strawberry, almond filling and chocolate ganache... delish!

Dutch of the Day: Carrot = Wortel

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  1. Libby + Birthday = Barbie Cake
    Or maybe all cakes pictured...yummm!