Sunday, January 31, 2010


Random bike ride adventures over the weekend led us east, to FIFTEEN. Isabel and I had a delicious time being food nerds at Jamie Oliver's restaurant. You can learn more about the concept of Fifteen right here.

Perhaps luxury dinner wasn't exactly in my au-pair budget but this gal can't resist a delicious endeavor. And now was my chance! Let me tell you, our meal was worth it. Everything was so tasty and we had a nice time checking out Amsterdam's east side. Here's a little peek into our dining day...

Architectural appreciation

It was a super sunny, freezing day!

FYI eat here on a Saturday afternoon and you'll practically have the place to yourself. Nice.

Warning: Food Porn starts now...

Focaccia + Olives = Super Posh Pizza Snack

Potato gnocchi, chilli and fennel seed sauce, goats cheese and olive oil

Canneloni of aubergine’s, tomato and cheese in a lentil butter broth and flat leaf parsley and crispy carrots

Chocolate tart with cardamom ice cream. Did i mention I'm obsessed with cardamom ice cream! Yum. We also wanted the apple cake but didn't feel like waiting another hour for it to finish baking. So, I suppose we'll have to go back and eat more!

I'm sure it's not just my pitiful au-pair budget that makes exciting meals seem too luxurious here in Amsterdam. Going out to eat here is a far more expensive activity than back home. For such a budget conscious culture they have no middle ground when it comes to food. People either eat from a hole in the wall vending machine or blow their whole salary on a 5 course meal. Why? Hey Dutch people, where are the euro-beers and happy hour snack deals? Don't even get me started on how difficult it is to find a quality taco around here...

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  1. I seriously drooled. Dude...dude dude dude. It's all I can say.