Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lomography Supersampler + China

The snow and freezing cold weather here in Amsterdam is a bit more daunting than I'd previously expected. It has completely killed my motivation for going outside this morning. So, I opted to sort through old photos and found some fun snaps from my study abroad in China.

The following were snapped using a Supersampler, a funny toy camera that takes four sequential snaps. Funny enough, instead of a shutter button you just pull a ripcord. It's a handy camera to keep in your bag, load up with random photos and find a special surprise once the film is developed.

 I remember there seemed to always be a lot of touristic chaos in China...

Gateway to the Forbidden City

Guards in Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square + Forbidden City
Pagada Garden at Shaolin Temple

View from on top of the Great Wall

These photos taken using the SUPERSAMPLER camera + 35mm film. I love lomography.

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  1. Girl I think you mean Bird Flu and not Swine...