Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cafe Latei

It's no secret that I'm all about exploring the budget friendly side of Amsterdam. While recently in the Nieuwmarkt area with friends we checked out LATEI, a small cafe off the Zeedijk. Don't let their bland website fool you, this place has a great combination of a relaxed atmosphere and yummy food ... most importantly at an affordable price! It's a cozy place, covered in random vintage trinkets and furniture, all of which are for sale.

We followed up with lemon cheese cake and a brownie...which were both devoured in about ten seconds and thus, no photos. Oops! Three hungry girls, three forks and tempting sweets sitting on the table, can you blame us? Next time I'm going back to try a massive slice of their appletaart. If it holds the same caliber of what I've previously tasted from here then I definitely won't be disappointed.

An interior view of the variety of lamps for sale from the upper level of Latei. 

I'd been looking forward to trying a dish at Latai ever since hearing that the kitchen serves Indian food on the weekends (including a vegetarian option). The portion was plentiful, but I could have used a lot more kick in the flavor department because part of what I love about Indian food includes the spice varieties. Maybe my incessant need for super spicy food is becoming an issue since I seem to have a crisis if I forget to bring my mini bottle of red pepper flakes. Yes, I am that girl, don't judge.

The vegetarian Indian dish of the week...

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  1. you will just need to carry a baggie of baked peppers around in your pocket like manny did. afterall, he is the one guilty of training your tastebuds to need peppers so often!!!!