Tuesday, June 23, 2009

delete Most fabulous barn yard party ever!

Okay, I should be honest here...I really could care less about the Ascot Races (Sorry Brits and race horse enthusiasts, etc..). But what I do care about, with uncontrollable passion, is ice cream! Today I stumbled upon the most glorious of events, the Ascot Races aka ponies-and-ladies-in-crazy-hats-day. And someone, no, a brilliant wizard of supreme imagination, invented an edible chocolate hat! Seriously, this has got to be a huge leap for humanity.

Milliner Judy Bentinck made a 4 foot hat shaped like an ice cream cone (mesh+satin) in just 6 weeks. And the added brilliance is that it includes with real chocolate for snacking! Hats off to you Judy Bentnick! (sorry, I couldn't resist that one!) Wow. Suddenly horse races sound more intriguing than they were just moments ago. Anyone wanna take me on a date to next years Ascot Races??

Other favorites include the blue cheese and grapes hat, the toilet seat/bathtub hat and the granny chic pony/button/fake flowers hat!

More crazy amazing hats here and here
Read the story here

Saturday, June 20, 2009

delete Garden friends!

Its ridiculously hot today and of course the ac decided to not work so I'm spending most of the afternoon in the sun and the pool! I suppose I can't complain, especially when this little guy flies by to visit! Pup is also enjoying her day in the sun! Yay for summer!

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