Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Treats: Stroopwafflen

Stroopwafflen are a personal in top 10 foods I love of all time. So, naturally they make my winter survival list. Put caramel syrup between two thin waffle cookies and you've got a real treasure! I've been addicted for a while and just can't get enough. Fortunately, you can get them fresh in the markets all year long but again, cold weather + warm sweet food just can't be beat!

They're prefect with a cup of tea. The trick is to put the stroopwaffle on top of the cup for just long enough to warm it...but watch out because if it's there for too long then it will collapse into the tea!

Dutch of the Day: Tea = Thee

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  1. Love your blog! I was googling to see if there are any like minded people like me (veggie, love cooking, do not have kids yet but love m, into yoga and fun!) and I stumbled upon your blog.

    will follow it, good luck in the snow! I hate winter here too sometimes, soooo cold, but love the freeze when running in the Vondelpark. so refreshing!