Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Treats: Oliebollen Obsession

It's the middle of December and it's cold here, thats for sure. But, there are a variety of ways to survive this climate including but not limited too cute winter accessories like hats, boots, scarves, coats...They're are all necessary so why not make the best of it and do some shopping! Aside from layering for warmth, I find food to be an especially crucial part of winter survival. So, if you need to add a permanent layer of fat to keep warm, I've got a great suggestion; fried sugary dough!

There are so many yummy foods that are amplified by the weather, like soup and hot cocoa. But, in Holland they take it to another level...OLIEBOLLEN! Yummmm. Oliebollen ('oil balls') are delicious balls of dough with raisons, apples, bananas, etc, fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. WOW. They're served fresh and hot and most importantly for me, they're inexpensive, usually less than 1€. And be sure not to confuse oliebollen with the snack bitterballen which are fried meat balls with mustard (no thanks!).

In the winter, lots of spots have oliebollen carts set up and the bright lights are the first sign that an oliebollen is on the it's way to you.

I recently got my mom hooked on these things. Which isn't at all surprising because they're great! Imagine the consistency of a doughnut or funnel cake but in a ball with raisons and powdered sugar! Deeeelish!

But, watch out because the powdered sugar can cause quite a mess.

My favorite are the ones with apple, banana or raisons.

More winter time treats coming soon!

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  1. thanks alot for the pix with powdered sugar all over my clothes!!!!