Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Day in Den Haag

My mom came to visit this weekend, so I went over to the Hague for a fun day of winter shopping and yummy food. Ellen also met up with us and we celebrated her job promotion (Congrats, Ellen!)

I had a huge concern for winter before my arrival but now, I love this season!
Florida is just so hot (yes, its nice sometimes but also very sticky/sweaty!) and the seasons don't really change. Sure, I'll probably be dying for Florida weather by the time March rolls around but for now, I like the crisp air and cute winter accessories.

Actually, I thought it was really 'warm' yesterday and then noticed it was only 7 °C! Now that acclimation to winter weather has taken place, I can look forward to summer heat in six months like everyone else here.

Pretty lights in Den Haag

We did some shopping and I got a great bell for the the new bike that I'm getting soon (thanks mom!). After wandering around we found Ellen and picked a really cute place for dinner. The relaxing atmosphere of restaurant was overshadowed by the sour attitude of the server, but the food was really yummy!

The meal started out with fresh, warm pumpkin bread that came with
sun dried tomatoes (yum), butter and garlic mayo (ew).

I have tried and tried again but I just can't get into mayo... on anything! To ruin fries with such a topping should be a crime offense but instead, its an obsession over here!
I'll stick with pindasaus (peanut sauce) or ketchup.

The veggie curry I had was spicy and so good!

A warm meal on a cold night with the best mom ever! Who could ask for more?

Dutch of the Day: Yummy = Lekker

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