Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weekend Trip to Rotterdam Part 2

We started out the morning of our second Rottedam day by making a yummy breakfast for our host and fellow couch surfer. Libby and I decided on french toast and mimosas, yum!

We used brioche and then added nutella, bananas, two varieties of hagalslag, and powdered sugar! Eten smakelijk!

Somehow none of us went into a food coma and after finishing off an entire loaf of brioche french toast and all the mimosas, so, we set out of a city walking tour with other people from CS. We met up with some friends from Leiden and set out on a cold, rainy, tour of Rotterdam.

Our first stop was a weird and apparently controversial Christmas statue...which really set the theme of the tour for us to make as many inappropriate jokes as possible throughout sightseeing in Rotterdam.

Later, we moved on to a few pretty sights of the harbor

The large group size and yucky weather made it hard to focus, so we opted for a nice hot chocolate break which was paired with a cheesy herb flakey pastry snack. My hot chocolate consumption has become a borderline addiction with the addition of cold weather which is always inspiring me to take hot cocoa breaks!

To finish off the day, we had a great dinner with a bunch of other couchsurfing people. The vegetarian options included tomato soup, mushroom pasta, goat cheese salad (my favorite!) and baguettes with herb butter. It was only 10 euro for the buffet, quite a deal!

Once we were completely stuffed we headed over to what ended up being a pretty mediocre CS Sinterklaas party. I'm not sure if this was intentional but the party felt like a middle school dance. The music was really random (awful) so things took a looooong time to get in, when we left that night things still hadn't really taken off. Oh well. When theres bad music playing the only thing to do is create even worse (or amazing?) dance moves! I can't explain it, but I'm just blessed with the gift of awkward and terribly hilarious dancing, and I'm so happy to have friends who embrace this characteristic!

As tradition, we snapped our photo with Zwarte Piet before heading out. But still, whyyyyy blackface? Why!?

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