Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Is Here!

...And it's causing a lot of drama apparently. I had the honor of being caught it part of a cross crountry massive transport shutdown over the weekend. 
First, Ellen and I visited the Dickens Festival in Deventer, about 90 minutes east of Amsterdam. 
It was a lovely time, pretty snow, and lots of tea to keep warm. On the way back, a 90 minute trip turned into five (yes, FIVE) hours of crazy train hopping and knocking people over to get on the only way out. It was pure chaos! 

We don't really have snow issues in Florida so, despite the crazy day it was still a bit entertaining. Fortunately, we had internet on our phones and we could check to see which, if any, trains were still running. At one point, so many people were crowded at the station they opened up a train just for people to sit in. What I head on the weather forecast was about 10cm of snow...and it caused all of these issues, I can't believe it.

Our plan was to just keep running for the next train that was heading somewhat back towards Amsterdam. We finally made it back to Leiden after four hours 
and then I experienced a Christmas miracle! 
We were waiting for a different train to take me close enough so I could take a bus into Amsterdam. But, for some reason they (finally) opened the tracks and added an extra train that was heading to the airport and Amsterdam Central. YAY!
 I leapt down the stairs, and dashed around to the other side of the station and made it on the train! Then, about twice as long as it usually takes, I got home to Amsterdam. Hearing "Amsterdam Centraal" over the loudspeaker never sounded better! I can't even imagine what people went though at Schipol Airport, that must have been even more insane.

So, I can check crazy winter travel dilemmas off my list now. And no matter how much drama the weather caused, snow is still pretty to look at. Here are some pictures I snapped along the way...

View from my 8am it's still dark!

Snow covered bikes...

Ellen standing in the snow on my street...9am and it's still dark! Geez.

Ellen and I on a snowy day in Deventer, just before the crazy train dilemma began

Dutch of the Day: Snow = Sneeuw


  1. Hello there! i came across your blog and find it very fascinating! im from Iowa and have always wanted to move to Amsterdam. i would have to work in a spa (im an esthetician/nail tech.) are those jobs common there? and how was the move? was it expensive? cant wait to hear from you! your so lucky to be in such a neat place! i would die to be there! :)

  2. Hi,

    Nice to hear from you, glad you are enjoying my blog. I don't a lot about spa industry but they do exist in Amsterdam. Have you been to Amsterdam before? I'd say that if you want to go somewhere, then just research and make it happen! That's what I did :) If you really want to live abroad you can do start with a bit of research about what you want to do and if you want more info about living abroad check out for more information. Good luck!