Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mijn Kerstboom

IT WAS ZERO DEGREES CELSIUS TODAY! Yes, I understand that is actually 32 °F but I could see my breath as I was panting on the bakfiets and lets just say this has been a day of shocking revelations. I had my first real taste of ice cold today. This sudden snap to bone chilling cold is making me worried about the rest of winter time. I don't think all the oliebollen in Amsterdam could prepare me for numb fingers, toes, legs, cheeks... Right now, the weather change is still appealing to me, having spent so many winters in Florida... but today I had a cold snap (ha!) reality check that I better bundle up and get serious because the cold is here to stay for a few more months. By the time March rolls around, I'll probably be whining and begging for Florida's ridiculously hot and sticky weather. I guess only time will tell how I survive Amsterdam's winter but it will definitely include as much hot chocolate as possible!

Tonight I had a dark, cold bike ride across the city and my fingers were completely numb so, I guess it's time to invest in real gloves not just the super cheep ones from h&m. I swear, my legs didn't thaw out for a good 10 minutes after I was back in the warmth of the house. But, I have combated my potential for catching the swine/mexican/h1n1 flu by getting the shot...which also came with a free apple and orange! Yum! Then I made lasagna and garlic bread, which will probably become a staple dish because its a hit with everyone here. (I mean, anyone who doesn't like lasagna or garlic bread probably has some deep issues to work out). I just did a basic lasagna with zucchini, spinach and red peppers but my confidence with this dish has inspired some upcoming new flavor experiments.

Since winter is well on its way and thus, the holiday season, I couldn't resist having a little christmas tree ('kerstboom') of my own! I don't even know what the religious affiliation is with these things (that's not really my interest) but they're just downright pretty to look at and fun to set up! So, I hopped on the bakfiets in search of a tiny tree to decorate.

And here it is, fitting perfectly in the bakfiets.

Decorations followed and included of course lights and little ornaments but the best thing to put on a christmas tree are these apple cinnamon 'cookies' that my mom makes! I will get the recipe and post it soon.

Now my room smells like apple cinnamon delight!

Dutch of the Day: Kerstboom = Christmas Tree

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