Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stroopwaffle Pudding

I've blogged about stroopwaffles before because they're really tasty and addicting. It’s a super sweet caramel cookie goodness that only Dutch people can master. They're sold in stores but I think they're the best fresh and hot served in markets. I've had them with hagelslaag and nutella (an intense combination) but today I embarked on a new stroopwaffle journey... STROOPWAFFLE PUDDING!

Ohhh yeeeaaaaah. It exists and for only 1 euro I just couldn't resist.

The verdict: This pudding is super sweet and really does taste like stroopwaffles and caramel! This pudding is an inspiration to try all the other crazy Dutch flavors of pudding! I love all the sweets here, this makes my list of favorite treats for sure.

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