Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Corn, Glorious Corn!

Before I moved across an ocean to an ice cold winter in Amsterdam,
 I enjoyed the leisure of daily sunshine (and extreme humidity) in Florida.

Knowing the sunshine would be something I'd miss dearly, and everything that comes with it (sundresses!!!), no matter how sticky and gross it can be! 
Just before I moved, a few of us visited Long & Scotts Farm in Zellwood, Florida for their annual GIANT corn maze. It was quite a fun, silly experience! 
And now that I'm stuck in the cold and having visions of sundresses, beach weather and summer time, I remembered that with the chaos of moving I completely forgot to post about the corn adventure. So, here you go a few months late but sunny and fun none the less.

Waiting in line for the corn maze to start

Corn labyrinth? Yes, please!

They create a different theme each year, 
it's a pretty serious corn maze experience!

Embarking on the corn adventure

It was the most perfect, sunny autumn day

After wandering the maze, Jolie and I enjoying a piece of delicious, fresh corn, yumm. 
Let me tell you, after walking though a corn field for so long,
 all you want to do is tear into a pice of hot, buttery corn. 
We did just that and got the last two pieces! 
(I was actually a bit worried that someone would jump us due to the last minute corn shortage.)

This was such a fun day and a great memory to have with two of my best friends 
before embarking on a new adventure here in Amsterdam!

Dutch of the Day: Corn = Mais

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