Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Time Fondue Extravaganza

Christmas has come and gone and since I lack any type of religious association, Chrismas is just another great day for me to spend eating yummy food and drinking lots of wine and snacking on cookies in between. Living in Amsterdam hasn't really changed that, except now I have new Dutch friends and my host family to celebrate with. My mom came to visit for the day (the call it 'first Christmas day' here) and together with my host family we enjoyed a relaxing day and food filled evening.

Libby stayed over for Christmas eve, and since practically everything was closed it seemed like a great opportunity to get Japanese noodle bowls and video chat with out families. Yes, Libby is holding the OPRAH magazine I had specially imported via my mother. Libby loves Ellen and freaked out when we saw it for sale at the American book store for something like 10 euros.

The next morning we had a white Christmas! No joke, this hasn't happened for a few decades here in Amsterdam so it was pretty special. The snow is really tiny, but I promise, it really happened.

We looked pretty dorky running around trying to get pictures of the snow flurries before the melted a few hours later. But, I used this time to get a nice Christmas bakfiets photo. And the answer to your question is yes, I wore the silly antlers most of the day. (Thanks Libby!)

And now the food...

We made a really deeeelish fondue dinner.


A light salad with honey mustard dressing (I made the dressing from scratch! Super easy: 1 tbs. of the following: mustard, mayo, honey, 4 tbs. olive oil, squeeze of lemon juice, salt and pepper).

Mom brought my all time favorite almond cake and a huge plate of cookies all the way from Florida. I also made a fruit parfait for dessert so, there was no shortage of sugar or cheese on Christmas for this family.

All I can say is: CHRISTMAS FOOD COMA!!!!! Yummm.

Dutch of the Day: Celebrate = Vieren

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