Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Windy Day with Mama at the Tropenmuseum

Today was SO windy! Seriously. I've been though hurricanes in Florida and today was no joke. More importantly, it was very a special day because my Mom came to visit! I was excited to show her around Amsterdam and  I am starting to feel a bit more settled after a few weeks. Although, I could definitely use a bit more Florida sunshine right now!

One of the best things about my mom coming to visit (aside from hugs and giggle time) is that she always brings the best treats! It was like Sinterklaas arrived... with a Snuggie! Oh man, we've had a long standing joke about me wanting one of these and Mom thinking they're ridiculous. Now that I've left the warmth of Florida its actually useful here in the cold therefor you can laugh all you want, but I love my snuggie! It came with a free mini book light too so, I'm all set to survive these grey winter days. She made some yummy treats and brought some practical treasures like toothpaste and shampoo (who knew whitening toothpaste was so expensive in Europe!?) Thanks Ma!

We had a nice tea party and then went over to the Tropen Museum to see the new exhibit about Maroon people in Suriname. So fascinating! It was pretty elaborate with all these interviews and oral history videos. Very intense and educational. That whole museum is so cool, we didn't have time to finish it all but of course I'll be going back soon! Check out this other creepy cool skull I saw!

On our walk back the wind practically knocked us over! It was both hilarious and a little frustrating.

There were a few moments we nearly were knocked into a canal, but we survived.

Then, we checked out Soup en Zo near Waterlooplein. They serve, you guessed it, soup! I choose broccoli soup with cashews, pine nuts and walnuts, Mama had Surinamiese soup and both were tasty. I love soup so much and its even more satisfying when the wind and cold are trying to knock you down. I might just be on a mission to try all their soups and then make some myself. I'll probably make some soup for dinner tomorrow since I found vegetable bullion cubes at the shop today. Win!

Today was great fun and nothing is better than getting big hugs from my Mom. Say what you want but her hugs really are the best! To be honest, I was quite sad watching her leave me on the train back to Den Haag and my heart broke a bit, wishing she could have stayed longer. The funny thing about Moms is that no matter how old you grow or how far away you are, they always remind you of the silliest things! I can't wait until she comes back next week for our Thanksgiving feast! Love you Mama!


  1. Great photos and commentary Lily? How about showing us some photos of the family you are working with and the house where you live? That would be fun. Take care, Cindy

  2. it was such a FUN DAY...blustery wind and rain and all. so great to laugh with are the best. keep sunggling in your crazy snuggy. even i have to admit that you are in the perfect place for it!